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I’m Pastor Grier, author of “Making Money God’s Way.” I’m a Christian motivational speaker, Christian book author, and Christian business and financial coach. I have been an ordained Pastor since 2015. My calling and purpose on earth are to help you increase your faith and your inheritance from God, so that you may unlock Kingdom blessings for your personal life and business. I enjoy sharing God’s Word at Christian events — this is the foundation for building a blessed life. If God is not the foundation, the building will fall.

Pastor Grier Is Your Christian Business Coach & Motivational Speaker

Our goal is to improve your financial outlook, increase your faith in God, and make sure you maintain a healthy work-life balance in accordance with Scripture. Learn God’s path with Pastor Grier as he conveys his wisdom, shares his experience, and expands your prospects today.

Personal Beliefs and Christian Values

Through reading scripture and reflecting on my life experiences, I have learned the importance of doing things God’s Way. If I am rich, and yet I have questionable integrity, I am not living by Kingdom principles. If I have a powerful anointing from God, and yet I’m always robbing Peter to pay Paul just to make ends meet, I am out of step with God’s plan. Each part of your life matters to God, including your long-term financial outlook. You don't want to have a successful business, and yet have a failing work-life balance, because then your business won’t serve the Kingdom in the long-run.

I love preaching and speaking, but more importantly, I enjoy teaching. If you are experiencing a lack in any area of your life, I want to help you. Whether you’re a sinner or a saint, I want to teach you how to live an abundant life and have everything God has ordained for you. I don’t discriminate. If you are a non-Christian or a non-churchgoer, I am here to help you. And if you are a Christian, whether you attend church regularly or haven’t been in years, my doors are always open to you.

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